Why DocuTag is the Best Certificate Management Solution?

by | Aug 26, 2022 | All Articles, Blockchain, Documents, Education, Trending

If you have clicked on this article, you must not be satisfied with your current certificate management system, whether it’s related to issuing, managing or verifying your certificates. 

And that’s why we’ve developed DocuTag. 

DocuTag is the perfect solution to end all certificate-related issues that most organizations face. From dealing with fake certificates and diploma mills to the error-prone, labour-intensive and expensive certificates’ verification processes, and more importantly, preventing personal Data exposure and manipulation. 

DocuTag is an affordable, simple-to-use solution for organizations looking to digitize their certification process and secure their certificates’ authenticity efficiently and affordably.

How did we make that possible? 

  •  Enhanced Security 

DocuTag uses blockchain technology, making it 100% secure, tamper-proof, verifiable, and permanent.

When you issue a credential through DocuTag, the record of that certificate is directly listed and registered into the list of blockchain transactions rendering them impossible to counterfeit.

  •  Time-saving

Time is your most valuable asset, and switching to DocuTag will save up to 90% of the time spent on the traditional certificate-creating process and all the responsibilities that come with it. 

  •  Minimal overheads

Switching to DocuTag will allow you to save a large amount of money as it reduces your certification costs drastically; no more costs of printing, storing, mailing or manually managing and verifying the credentials. The only cost required is the subscription fees.

  • Simple Verification Process

Not only does DocuTag secure your credentials, but it also makes the certificate verification process easy, quick, and efficient.

DocuTag simplifies the verification process for issuers, recipients and any involved partakers. The only step needed for the verification is to scan the unique QR code that the certificate compromises. It only takes seconds, and no special app is required to scan. 

  • Data storage and other Conveniences

DocuTag increases the effectiveness of your operations and productivity, breaking you away from the slow and outdated certificate management processes.  

It is much more convenient in terms of: 

  1. Accessibility: Certificates are saved as digital files that can easily be stored and accessed anytime on your computer or phone.
  2.  Locating files: No extra time is wasted manually finding a file; a simple keyword is enough.
  3. Editing: You can edit and update your digital certificates anytime with a simple click.
  • Saving the environment

With DocuTag, you can reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and paper waste. Which positively portrays you as a sustainable business and attracts customers who prioritise sustainability and prefer environmentally friendly alternatives


DocuTag simplifies the entire process of certificate issuance and verification process by enabling the organisation to:

  • Upload raw data in spreadsheet format.
  • View and manage all certificates in one place.
  • Protect all certificates with blockchain .
  • Verify certificates with a simple QR code scan 


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