Turn a shopper into a buyer in 7 seconds

The First Moment of Truth (FMOT) is a term coined by P&G. It describes the first 3-7 seconds of a shopper encountering your product. Question is, how do you make a shopper turn into a buyer?

What are The Consumers’ Concerns During Shopping?

What are the Ingredients?

Does it contain ingredients that might trigger allergic reactions?

Is this Fake?

I’m not sure whether this is
original or fake…

User Review/Rating?

Past buyers, how was their

Where is this from?

I’ll be paranoid if I don’t know where it’s originated from.

One Scan to Trigger Consumers 360°
Product Experiences

With BrandTag solution, your product packaging and labelling no longer provides a static content, but a dynamic multimedia experience that enhances your products ‘Aha’ moment. Making your consumers choose your product over a competitors’.


Every product unit contains a unique code fortified with Blockchain technology, reassuring customers the authenticity of your products.


Now your product is able to become the entry point for various marketing activities.

Product Transparency

Share more about your product’s origin and ingredients to win over your consumers’ hearts

Rating & Testimony

Your consumers are more likely to buy your product once they discover how many people love it.

What is BrandTag?

BrandTag is a blockchain-based solution designed to help you prove your brand story and product transparency with accessible documentation to verify your claims. It is built to transform your consumer’s experience by promoting engagement, preventing greenwashing and providing proof of authenticity.

How BrandTag Works

Register Your Products

Insert product name, info, and serial number

Print & Apply Codes

Print out the generated QR Codes and stick them on your products

Consumer Scan the Code

Shoppers can use their mobile device to scan the product packaging

Product Info is Displayed

Shoppers are able to verify the product authenticity and are exposed to various marketing experience


We have successfully identified the essential functions of track & trace softwares throughout  developing for various corporate clients. Now essential functions are available within a single software suite – BrandTag.


Brand owners have full control over product SKU registration and management.


Brand owners can choose freely which product SKUs to activate. This enables the chosen QR Codes to go LIVE.

Consumer Engagement

Marketing, upselling, warranty, and various engagement modules for brand owners to capture consumers’ hearts.

Unique Code for Every Product Unit

Every product unit is assigned to a unique code, thus making counterfeiting impossible to scale. Think of it as every product has its own ID card. 

Tamper-Proof Database

Fortified with Symbol Blockchain technology, product info is impossible to be hacked.

Business Intelligence

Brand owners can collect and view consumers’ data using the BrandTag analytics module to make a strategic business decision.

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