Fighting Fake Certificates with Blockchain Technology

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Fraud in all of its nuances represents a grave danger for society, particularly if it concerns falsifications of credentials and certificates.

This phenomenon has become a multibillion-dollar industry, it is a crime that shatters the present, future and threatens what we know about competency, merits, fair competition, and diligence.

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How Serious is Certificate/ Credentials Fraud? 

How to Fight Fake Certificates With Blockchain 

DocuTag as a Solution 


How Serious is Certificate/Credentials Fraud?

Many illegal organizations and websites sell all types of fraudulent certificates in both paper and digital format for a ridiculously low price range. 

In fact, looking up ‘Buy Fake certificate” on google alone generates over 25 million search results and some providers even boast about creating them under 24hours.

According to the CheckPoint report, a cybersecurity research firm, Covid-19 vaccination certificates are currently the most sought-after fake certificates, especially in the UK, Australia, and the US. 

The same source revealed that “Telegram” has become a major platform for selling and buying fake credentials through dedicated private chats with over 450,000 members.

What’s extremely alarming, is how easily these fake certificates can be created. Some providers even succeed in making them identical to the original, which can severely damage the reputation and the credibility of the education provided by the said institutions and universities, which can be unfair for those who earned the degree rightfully.

Some providers take it even a step further and work with corrupted establishments that verify fake degree certificates when employers do a background check on a potential employees’ education, confirming they are genuine graduates.

Furthermore, A UNESCO study led by Dr. George Brown estimated that “worldwide, 30% of senior executives present qualifications they do not hold.”

To think that these fake degree holders are working as officials, directors and are holding positions of authority is simply distressing, so how to make it stop?


How to Fight Fake Certificates with Blockcahin?


Many legitimate institutions and organizations have been trying to find solutions to counter the issue of fake certificates, and blockchain might just be it! 

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties securely without any intermediaries. it is a decentralized, self-maintained, fast, affordable, and transparent recording system. 

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How can it help in fighting fake certificates? 

Most traditional certificate verification relies on direct checking with the certificate’s issuer which takes a lot of time and resources that many employers are not able to afford.

It also involves several intermediaries (e.g. certificate holders, teachers, and officials, ministries, third party checking services…) which make the verification process even more complicated.

Blockchain can eradicate these vulnerabilities by replacing the need for intermediaries in the current certificate verification system, thus preventing the production of illegitimate copies.

This innovative technology stores the genuine certificates in a digital form, they are treated like “contracts” and are recorded in the decentralized database. Once verified securely, the certificates can be present online in an immutable form that can be accessed only with permissions granted from the certificate owner/ issuer.

Not to forget that reducing physical certificates can also be a way on how blockchain stop fake certificates on the footprint.



DocuTag as a Solution

A solid solution is a must for this problem, and we’ve developed our latest solution, DocuTag.  

DocuTag is a blockchain-powered anti-counterfeit solution for validating ownership of educational and professional credentials or accreditations.

Unlike traditional paper-based documents that are easy to forge, DocuTag is a secure platform where  you can secure your personal educational and professional credentials powered by blockchain technology. It also allows individuals to have full control of their data and who can access it, leaving no chance for tampering, copying, or cheating.

A solid solution is a must for this problem, and we’ve developed our latest solution, DocuTag. 

DocuTag is a simple-to-use solution for organisations looking to digitise their certification process efficiently and secure their certificates’ authenticity.

How? Docutag uses the latest technologies such as blockchain to give each of your certificates a unique QR code that can’t get copied and that anyone can scan to verify the authenticity of the certificates in seconds.

Don’t risk the damage to your institution’s reputation. Don’t waste efforts to entertain manual authenticity confirmation requests!
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