LuxTag is an Anti-Counterfeit, Business Insights, and Customer Engagement solution provider, utilizing the power of blockchain, DLT, and IoT.

The service evolves around digitized certificates of authenticity for tangible products, linking these to brands and owners through multi-signature Smart Contracts and Internet of Things elements. LuxTag technology provides business intelligence through innovative means of enhanced Customer Engagement.

LuxTag Solution

We integrate our core principles with the latest advanced technologies in order to provide our customers with products of excellent quality, just right for their needs. We will find the most suitable product for you, or design a unique customized LuxTag solution specifically for your case.

Counterfeit Deterrence

Ensuring authenticity through unique identity on the blockchain



LuxTag solution enables businesses & their customers to deter counterfeit, prove ownership & provide track & trace of products for the digital age

Ownership Registry

Timestamped proof of ownership for product verification


With Papyrus, you can tokenize items to create a trail of ownership & history of your products. Any assets can now be represented as real live assets on the blockchain

Track & Trace

Business analytics of the supply chain, including second-hand markets


Simplify the development of your physical product or asset digital representation for blockchain use cases


Media About Us

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