LuxTag Rap Song is on Spotify Now

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Beginning of this year, Jason Vandal, a Canadian Hip-Hop musician based in Malaysia, in collaboration with DJ Lethal Skillz, created a unique track about LuxTag. The lyrics of the Hip-Hop song with a catchy title “Blockchain, Authenticity” perfectly explain the LuxTag’ central idea of fighting with counterfeiting on a beat.

Among other things, Vandal has previously worked on a track dedicated to the blockchain technologies, which is called “Hip Hop the Blockchain.”

The LuxTag team was amused by the song and decided to exalt it even more. The music video, which shows the atmosphere in the LuxTag office after working hours, has been published on YouTube.

rap music video song on spotify

The LuxTag team shooting the LuxTag Rap music video.

However, the “Blockchain, Authenticity” track is not the only mention of LuxTag on Spotify.

On December 10th, 2018, LuxTag’s CEO and Co-Founder, Rene Bernard, together with Faeez M. Noor, CFO and C-Founder, visited the eFM Business Radio, where they talked on “Fight Fakes Through Blockchain.”

The podcast “Disrupted by Distributed Ledger” highlights the blockchain technology and the way it is harnessed into businesses. Rene and Faeez explained how LuxTag utilizes blockchain, what the main challenges of LuxTag are, and how harmful the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is.

spotify radio interview luxtag

Faeez M. Noor and Rene Bernard at the eFM Business Radio.

Visit Spotify to listen to the song and YouTube to watch the music video.

To learn more about fighting fakes with the help of blockchain, listen to the 10th episode of Disrupted by Distributed Ledger here.

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