LuxTag Participated in the Online Conclave: Counterfeiting in Covid Times Organized By NasCap

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On the 12th of June, our CEO & Co-Founder, Rene Bernard participated along with other respective luminaries in the Online Conclave: Counterfeit Medicines, Medical Devices, and Accessories during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Solutions; organized by NasCap [National Association to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy]. 

The session started with the Honorable Justice Shripathi Ravindra Bhat of the Supreme Court of India addressing the counterfeit phenomenon in the healthcare sector and its severity in the said country. 

Thenceforth, each of the aspiring speakers shared their thoughts on the issue, which has become more critical due to the pandemic, and the solutions available to curb it.

Here are some of the main topics addressed: 

      • Mr. Graham Clemence, Senior Director of the Alibaba Group, explained how counterfeit is being handled in the e-commerce industry and how the international company Alibaba deals with its magnitude and challenges.
      • Mr. Pushpendra Rai, Former Director of WIPO in Switzerland; addressed the interface of counterfeiting and the adherence to regulations during the pandemic.
      • Mr. Antony Taubman, Director at World Trade Organization (WTO) in Switzerland shared various programs to curb counterfeits.

On the other hand, Rene Bernard shared his expertise on how blockchain-enhanced smart packaging is the key solution to fighting counterfeit. 

He explained how LuxTag utilizes the latest technologies ( Blockchain, IoT, and DLT… ) to control counterfeit and how these technological means can ensure that authentic medicines reach the customers.


Click here to watch the replay 

Furthermore, he elucidated how enhanced product serialization can increase the level of security in the supply chain, he illustrated it through LuxTag’s latest product BrandTag, which facilitates the advanced track and trace features and provides a complete digitized account for every item registered.

Check out this article to learn all about BrandTag

 Lastly, Rene ended his session by emphasizing the importance of involving the customers in every company’s anti-counterfeit efforts. 

“The technologies are not enough for this type of issue, and we can’t just enforce it on them..” said Rene, Mr. Graham Clemence supported that notion by stating that the collaboration of different entities is the most effective way to fight counterfeit issues successfully. 

Watch the conclave replay here: Link


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