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Combating counterfeit can be a headache, for both big brands and smaller ones. Not only you have to suffer major losses due to counterfeits stealing your customers, but you also have to spend more on promoting your product’s originality and protecting your products from being counterfeited again.

From this situation alone, three main problems arise:

  • The counterfeit problem itself
  • Limited resources for track & trace system to protect products from counterfeit
  • Lack of direct engagement with consumers to promote originality

Typically, an anti-counterfeit project is implemented to cater to the above problems. However, this will suck up precious resources in terms of:

  1. Expertise

Your company may need to recruit relevant experts or divert your current employees from other projects to the anti-counterfeit project

  1. Time

An anti-counterfeit project may require months of discussion and development

  1. Budget

Spending your time and manpower resources will mean you also have to spend more money to compensate for their efforts, making such a project easily reach 6 digits in expenditure.

BrandTag as a Solution

BrandTag is a blockchain-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) developed to make your products work for you! It provides you with the easiest way to prove your brand’s authenticity by giving each of your products a unique ID that can’t be copied.

That’s what we refer to as Product Citizenship!

BrandTag is designed to improve the experience of both consumers and brand owners. It prevents counterfeit, promotes engagement, and provides product transparency.

While BrandTag’s ultimate goal is protecting your brand and products from counterfeits, it also comes with a bundle of other benefits. 

What will you get from BrandTag?

  1. Ease of Mind

No more frills on product serialization and tagging. You will only have to do the work once to get unique codes for every single product in a bulk batch.

  1. Data on Your Fingertips

No more waste of earth’s resources and funds on papers and printing. BrandTag bridges your physical products to the digital world. Merchandise can now become digital assets, and you can view all information related to them online: the statistics, datasheets, performance, or anything you put into BrandTag.

  1. Two-ways Engagement With Customers

You can add information that attracts engagement from your customers

No more one-sided talk. With BrandTag’s enhanced engagement option, you can add as much information that you wish to get to your customers as you like. Be it tutorial videos, recipes, surveys, or feedback forms, all your customers have to do is scan the one code on your product. 

  1. Start With What You Have in Hand

No more having to allocate huge capital at one time. With BrandTag, you can implement a track-and-trace system even though you are yet to have the code scanner. If you don’t have a printing system yet, BrandTag will ease you to send the codes to your preferred printing house. You can go big with small steps.

  1. Room for Expansion

No more stuck at the same level. If you wish to go big, you can request add-on modules depending on your industry, such as temperature logging. Reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss.


Try BrandTag by clicking here.

Why BrandTag?

Your customers can use any QR code scanner application on their smartphone to see your product’s authenticity

Instead of being an anti-counterfeit project, BrandTag is an anti-counterfeit solution that will save you all of the trouble:

  1. Developed by Experts

BrandTag is developed by a team of blockchain and anti-counterfeit experts who are ready to assist you should you require any onboarding assistance or come across any issue while using BrandTag.

  1. Easy & Fast Onboarding

BrandTag is user-friendly and will not require training modules to be used. In fact, parts that involve technical action are accompanied by step-by-step guidance with short animated tutorials. Instead of spending months on the anti-counterfeit project, you’ll only be spending days to weeks to start protecting your product.

  1. Affordable

BrandTag comes with a practical pricing plan for your brand, regardless of which industry you come from. You can choose the plan that fits your company the most: in terms of size, product, and goals. With no to minimal impact on your product pricing margin, you won’t have to stake your customers for the anti-counterfeit benefits.

How BrandTag Works

BrandTag registers your products’ unique individual ID into the blockchain network, which the system can easily track and trace transparently. Once registered, the ID cannot be duplicated, removed, or edited, making it secure and hack-proof.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin. BrandTag and LuxTag are based on the NEM and SYMBOL blockchain that used Point-Of-Importance blockchain algorithm, which is more eco-friendly and constructive, compared to other blockchains that use the Point-Of-Work algorithm.

You don’t need to know about blockchain or have any cryptocurrency to use BrandTag. All you need is a good internet connection.


Onboarding Assistance and 30 Days Free Trial Available

How to Use BrandTag

You can customize the landing page of your product line

It’s very easy to use and implement BrandTag:

  1. Sign up with your Google account or email address
  2. Add your brand & product line
  3. Customize the landing page for your product line
  4. Generate the desired number of codes for a product & activate them
  5. Print your codes & paste them on your products
  6. View statistics & scanning activities of your codes through the app

Save your resources with BRANDTAG

Focus on what you do best, which is producing awesome products

BrandTag’s Use Cases

Let’s Eco

Let’s Eco provides sells infant formula milk to worldwide customers without a middleman. Let’s Eco use BrandTag so that the consumers don’t have to worry about receiving counterfeit products, especially when they are purchasing from overseas. 


Lyksvad is a company specializing in providing salted roe of the Sturgeon fish, known as caviar. Lyksvad implemented BrandTag to their caviar with an added temperature tagging to guarantee the quality and authenticity of their premium-quality delicacy.

Let your product do the work for you.

Combating counterfeiters is exhausting, we get it. That’s why we developed BrandTag. With BrandTag, your products will promote their authenticity and protect themselves from being counterfeited, with just a scan!

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