LuxTag new product “Papyrus” to tokenize physical products on the Blockchain

by | Oct 31, 2019 | All Articles, Blockchain, Business, Events, Lifestyle, Luxury, Startup, Trending

LuxTag new product “Papyrus” to tokenize physical products on the Blockchain

by | Oct 31, 2019 | All Articles, Blockchain, Business, Events, Lifestyle, Luxury, Startup, Trending

Luxtag®, Anti-counterfeiting, and Track & Trace solution provider has released a self-onboarding asset-tagging platform called Papyrus. Users will be able to independently create digital certificates and tag their assets or items with QR codes or NFC stickers linked to the blockchain. 

Users will need to create an account in Papyrus. They will have a dedicated dashboard and tools where they can generate certificates for their items.

How Does It Work?

After creating a free account, users can enter the information of their items or products and generate a blockchain certificate through the platform. They can upload images of their assets or even add notes on each item. Each account needs to be funded with the XEM cryptocurrency ( to enable the creation of certificates on the blockchain.

Users can claim these blockchain certificates through the platform by scanning the private key QR code of the product or asset using the LuxTag mobile app. Additionally, users can verify the product using the UUID QR code generated from the platform, or order NFC stickers from LuxTag that enables verification of the products and assets linked to the blockchain. These blockchain certificates are immutable and transferable, representing a contract of ownership that trail the history of a particular item.

Protecting Cherished Memories 

Blockchain is becoming more and more accessible in the physical world with Papyrus. You can now tokenize items to create a trail of ownership & history of your products. Whether you are an artist or a collectible hobbyist, any assets or products close to your heart can now be represented as real live assets on the blockchain. Papyrus allows users to protect items that are important to them, preserving their legacy and history on the blockchain. 

Papyrus for Enterprise

blockchain platform digital certificate

Papyrus currently offers two tiers, Basic and Enterprise. The Basic package will allow users to tag their assets for free. They will have limited features compared to the enterprise package which is made customized to enterprise needs. Papyrus intends to empower users to fight fakes and protect their belongings on the blockchain by creating a trail of ownership and proof of authenticity. 

The Enterprise package is targeted for brands and manufacturers that are keen to integrate blockchain for product authentication and counterfeit deterrence. Papyrus Enterprise will provide a customized dashboard and all the necessary tools to generate a blockchain certificate with IoT integration. Some of the features include Track & Trace, a more robust counterfeit deterrence technology, brand engagement modules and big data analytics on the activities of users interacting with the tagged product or asset of the solution. Interested parties need to contact LuxTag directly to tailor a customized Papyrus dashboard for their products. 

What’s Next?

  • Papyrus will include certificate creation on Catapult as well in our product roadmap
  • LuxTag giving free XEMs to a verified account signing up to the solution 
  • Deploy and integrate Papyrus Enterprise to early adopters, have a few lining up (maybe use this as a call-to-action for interested parties, instead of the above)

More information about Papyrus here:

Watch the Papyrus promotional video here:

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

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