LuxTag collaborates with the Malaysian Bar to power up Scribe, a Skills Development Tracing Application based on Blockchain

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Over the last months, LuxTag® and the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Department of the Malaysian Bar Council have worked hand-in-hand to implement LuxTag’s latest service – Scribe. Scribe is a blockchain-based application system that was created to meet organisational needs to speed up and secure data collection, entry and consolidation, particularly at training and other events.

At a Malaysian Bar CPD event on 11 April 2019

Scribe allows approved administrators to create a unique identification for each member who then simply scans their QR code (usually stored in their phones) at selected events to record their participation. Thanks to blockchain, this process ensures security as well as immutability of each members’ identification. Scribe is also a very convenient tool that saves time and removes the bane of manual labour in data-entry.

With the Malaysian Bar CPD Department’s support and feedback throughout the development and deployment of the application, Scribe was implemented on a pilot basis at an 80-pax CPD event on 28 March 2019. Following this, the application was tested again for a second time on 9 April 2019 at another CPD event.

The LuxTag’s team attended the events conducted at the Kuala Lumpur Bar auditorium to supervise the implementation. Attendees with access to their unique QR code on the Malaysian Bar phone app presented themselves at the venue using the Scribe application to process their identification and attendance.

Members of the Malaysian Bar scanning their QR codes stored on the Malaysian Bar Phone App using Scribe


Scribe was created to emphasise data privacy and confidentiality while maintaining system integrity. The Malaysian Bar CDP Department will use Scribe for selected paid events and the application.

About the Malaysian Bar CPD

The Malaysian Bar CPD Department is responsible for overseeing the professional development activities of the Malaysian Bar, including developing comprehensive CPD structure for Members of the Bar and pupils in chambers.

Members of the Malaysian Bar and pupils in chambers are able to participate in a variety of CPD activities including being involved in face-to-face and online training events as trainers or participants, as well as authoring, contributing to the Bar Council / State Bar Committees and a host of other activities.

For more information, visit the CPD’s website:

About LuxTag

LuxTag is a technology company specialising in the development of blockchain-based digital certificates for products, documents and others. It is an anti-counterfeit and anti-theft solution provider, utilising the state of the art blockchain platform called NEM. LuxTag’s solutions are capable of providing proof of authenticity, proof of ownership and provenance. Its technology provides additional business intelligence through innovative means for enhanced customer engagement. At present, catered industries include Art, Fashion and Apparel, Jewellery, Luxury, and Documents. LuxTag is supported by and actively collaborating with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (“MDEC”), Dagang Net, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (“MIGHT”), Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (“MaGIC”) and Cyberview.

Visit to learn more about LuxTag.

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

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