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Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

– Steve Jobs, Apple. 

If you’re running a business, you might think that attracting new customers is your most crucial mission, and you’re not wrong it is important, but so is retaining the existing ones that you have and ensuring they don’t ditch you and switch to another brand! 

That’s where customer engagement comes in. 

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What is Customer Engagement?

The Impact of Customer Engagement

How to Improve Your Customer Engagement?

Smart Packaging for Better Customer Engagement 

BrandTag’s Solution


    What is Customer Engagement? 


    If you look up “customer engagement” on the internet, you will be astonished by the number of definitions on it out there. Each one is taken from a different perspective, but one thing for certain is that the core answer remains the same:  Customer engagement is all about the initiated interactions between your brand and customers to foster brand loyalty and reinforce your relationship with them.

    Every brand should strive for high engagement with their customers, by trying its best to provide a high-quality customer experience that nurtures a deep emotional connection with them. These efforts will assist in generating more sales and brand promotion.

    According to studies, an engaged customer generates 23% more profits than one who feels less connected to the company. Another study by Hall and Partners’ “Engager” showed that up to 2/3 of a brand’s profits may rely on effective customer engagement.

    So it is a no-brainer that customer engagement is crucial for building a successful business.



    The Impact of Customer Engagement

    “If you provide enough value, then you earn the right to promote your company in order to recruit new customers. The key is to always provide value”~Guy Kawasaki

    The key to having great customer engagement is giving your customer more than just a product or a service from your brand, as that’s when the real connection starts, but how?

    Customers are humans. If your brand can connect with them emotionally, they will like your products and brand more. A highly engaged customer buys more, promotes more, and demonstrates more loyalty to your brand. 

    These interactions can occur on different channels, it is something that lingers beyond the purchase of the product and many methods can be implemented to achieve that, for instance: marketing campaigns, blogs and, content outreach via social media that adds genuine value to the customers.

    Improving your customer engagement allows you to interact with not only your valuable customers but the potential ones as well, it helps you gain their trust and turns them into loyal recurring customers that not only advertise your business through social sharings but also refer your products to others. Who doesn’t want that? 

    Hence why every company should improve its customer engagement strategy unless they want to miss out on the money and perks that it can bring to their business.

    How to Improve Your Customer Engagement?


    Most marketing strategies have been focused overwhelmingly on clicks, conversions, and acquisition costs, forgetting the importance of the moments in between. These types of strategies might work for a while but they are not enough to grow your business sustainably for the long term. So finding ways that could engage your customers and retain them is the way to go!

    According to Ray Wang of Constellation Research, the companies who have improved engagement increase cross-sell by 22%, drive up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%, and also increase order sizes from 5% to 85%, which shows the interconnection between how engaged your customers are and how profitable your business is.

    So how can you have an effective customer engagement strategy?


    Make it Diverse: 

    You have to give your customers the power to choose in what way they want to interact with your brand. In other words, give them valuable options and don’t stick to one method. That will strengthen their emotional investment in your brand and makes them less likely to shop from competitors since they’ll miss out on the additional value that you provide.


    Make it Sincere:

    When it comes to improving your communications with your consumers. there’s no single method that works for every company across all industries; however, a sincere strategy that focuses on empathy and clarity should be the basis for all of your customer engagement activities and the basis of how you deal with customers. 

    As a base, you have to make sure that:

    • Your brand has a unique value proposition. 
    • Your brand values align with its operations 
    • Your services or products are easy to buy

    Make it Positive: 

    Creating a positive and fun buying experience is the key to making people love your brand, You can do that by:

    • Having an awesome customer service team 
    • Providing Fast shipping 
    • Having an easy to use website 
    • Having a responsive social media team 
    • Developing a unique method that treats your customers, and handle complaints with care
    • Giving personalized discounts and offerings to inspire loyalty and affection 

    These customer interactions make your brand more valuable and provide you with better customer insights that show you their buying intentions and behaviors, helping you to determine your brand’s next marketing direction, in terms of retargeting, content development, as well as sales processes such as your messaging and outreach methods.

    Make it Personal: 

    Humanize your brand, show them who is behind the product or service they are buying, have a passionate team that represents your brand in the best way, and help customers connect with it on a more personal level.


    Smart Packaging for Better Customer Engagement 

    Using Smart packaging to involve and engage consumers has been a growing trend lately, it is an excellent way for brands to prove their authenticity, establish consumer trust and encourage better consumer engagement since it eliminates all the doubts, perhaps even suspicions that the customers might have about a certain product.

    Smart Packaging allows customers to access a wealth of information, product reviews, and other related content helping them engage better with your brand and products via a simple scan of their smartphone.

    Check out How to implement smart packaging

    Check out How to revolutionize your customer experience with smart packaging 

    Moreover, Implementing this system differentiates your product from others and enable you to:

    a) Create a better customer experience 

    b) Achieve a more direct connection with consumers; 

     c) Understand the customers need and how they feel about every aspect of your products 

    Many service providers can help you implement smart packaging and BrandTag is one of the most affordable and trustworthy.

    BrandTag’s Solution


    BrandTag is a blockchain-based solution that provides brand owners with the easiest way to prove their products’ authenticity by giving each of its items a unique ID that cannot be copied.

    BrandTag is designed to improve the experience of both consumers and brand owners. It prevents counterfeit, promotes engagement, and provides product transparency.

    While your consumers are scanning your Product QR code, you can gain an insight into their buying intentions and behaviors, helping you in determining your brand’s next marketing direction. 

    Want to find out more about BrandTag? Check out our previous article, All about BrandTag 


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