5 Reasons Why You Should Join LuxTag!

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Over the years, LuxTag has become an exceptional workplace to learn, share ideas, develop one’s talent and realize one’s passion. We have built a reputation for having an outstanding working environment and a passionate team of skilled individuals. 

We pride ourselves on our company’s inclusive culture and the efforts we put in every day to encourage our people to dive in and exploit all types of opportunities, helping them develop and achieve all of their professional goals.

Here are five reasons why you should consider joining our LuxTag family:

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Career Growth

Hybrid Work Policy

International Team

Respect, Trust and Recognition

Employees’ Wellness

Be Part of LuxTag 


    Endless Opportunities for Career Growth


    Every day at LuxTag is a new opportunity to improve and learn. We do our best to nurture our employees’ talents and aid them to unleash their full potential by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, adapting to their different learning styles, and making work fun and interactive. 

    Being part of our team means that your ideas will always be taken seriously and that you’ll get the guidance and support you need to develop and explore your creativity.

    With LuxTag being a small company, you get to work on different projects that challenge you and expose you to all the functional areas of a business. We also encourage every employee to participate in programs and coaching sessions that help them become experts in their field.


    Hybrid Work Policy = Work-Life Harmony

    LuxTag promotes a culture that respects each employee’s personal life. Thanks to our Hybrid work policy, you have the power to choose where and when you want to work during the week.

    This hybrid implementation promotes work-life harmony by offering substantial flexibility in the workplace and schedule.

    A Diverse International Team



    We are proud to have employees from more than 12 different countries. Our team members come from various ethnic and religious backgrounds, and we utterly believe that our diversity improves our work experiences, solidifies our bonds, and enhances our achievements.

    Our LuxTag team strives to reshape the tech sector with diversity and inclusion bringing a more comprehensive perspective on our niche. We create a better business environment by celebrating our differences and individualism!

    Mutual Respect, Trust and Recognition


    •  Mutual Respect:  At LuxTag, We ensure that every employee feels valued, is fairly treated, and is fully supported to do their best no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they believe in. 
    • Trust: We embrace honesty, transparency and encourage our members to ask questions, share ideas, express their thoughts and give us feedback.

    • Recognition: Our employees’ high-quality work is what contributes to the success of the company. Thus, we make sure that even the smallest of their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

    An Environment That Prioritizes Employees’ Wellness


    As much as we appreciate hard work, the latter is meaningless if our team members are unhealthy mind-body-wise. That’s why we emphasize on the importance of self-care and constantly encourage healthy activities that ripple into every aspect of our employees’ lives.

    Be Part of LuxTag!


    If you’re a professional looking for your next challenge, or just starting your career and looking for a company that creates career-building opportunities, contact us at: [email protected] or [email protected] and be part of one of the fastest-growing blockchain companies in Malaysia.

    What Our Team Members Have to Say


    “ Since LuxTag is a small company, I can work closely with both my colleagues and higher-ups, which is great for my career growth! Apart from that, the Tech team at LuxTag uses the latest techniques and technologies for product development which helps me improve my industrial skills ”

    Harris Fadhillah bin Mu’adzzam Shah

    Full Stack Developer


    “ I chose to work for LuxTag due to my passion for technology and how being a part of LuxTag’s team means that I am always at the center of innovation and upcoming technologies. I love the vision LuxTag stands for and it drives my motivation to work to create a perfect world without counterfeit products ”

    Ahnaf Akif Kamal

    Country Manager / Business Analyst



     “ For a person who is a technology enthusiast and eager to learn about blockchain, LuxTag would be a great road for me to explore. I love the people I work with, and the company culture that we share. Everyone contributes to a positive working environment by having fun together during the ups and shouldering the burden together during the downs”

    Syahidatul Nabila Zulkarnain

    Human Resource and Administrative Executive

    “As a junior web developer, I liked the idea of joining a company like Luxtag where I get the chance to work on various projects using various programming languages & frameworks. In this context, they are aware of the time needed to get introduced to any new technology, and they give you all the help you need to grasp what you are learning! “


    Junior Web Developer

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