Business: 5 Tips to Improve Your Corporate Culture

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Business, Culture, Lifestyle, Startup, Trending

Business: 5 Tips to Improve Your Corporate Culture

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Business, Culture, Lifestyle, Startup, Trending

When you run a business, it is easy to fall into the common trap of wanting to make money first and foremost. Because let’s be honest, money is the core element of any business. Yet, it is not the only one: corporate culture is a key aspect of a thriving and successful institution. And if you think it is not that important, you’re making a mistake.

Over the years, giants such as Google, Apple or even Twitter have focused on improving and creating a strong corporate identity which undeniably made their success even bigger. According to a Forbes article displaying a Deloitte research, employees who feel valued and happy at work are employed by a company with a strong corporate culture.

But what is corporate culture really about? defines corporate culture as “the personality of an organization from the employee perspective, and [it] includes the company’s mission, expectations, and work atmosphere”.

Corporate culture affects every aspect of a business and is basically the governing principle for satisfied and efficient employees. It can be implemented at any stage of business development: the size, the profit nor the industry matter when it comes to it. It is all about making your employees and co-workers feel comfortable and motivated. If it’s not the case, they are more likely to feel like their work has little value and it could lead to negative consequences on their performance, for instance. That’s why you should pay extra attention to it.

No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it”

– Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

What are the advantages of corporate culture?

Corporate culture can bring benefits to your company as well as to your employees:

  • Employee loyalty: With a positive corporate culture, talents are more likely to be enthusiastic about going to work in the morning. Hence, they are more likely to stay longer and remain loyal as they feel attached to the business.
  • Job satisfaction: Employers implementing a strong corporate culture are basically investing in the well-being and happiness of their employees. Thus, in return, workers are enthusiastic and feel like their work is valued.
  • Recruitment: A clear culture can also become a competitive advantage as it will attract potential talents. When looking for a permanent job, people tend to pay attention to a company’s reputation from both previous and current workers. That’s when an impactful corporate culture can make a difference.
  • Work performance: Unhappy employees usually do not perform at their full potential. On the contrary, workers are more willing to go the extra mile thanks to positive company culture.
  • Collaboration: Corporate culture encourages social interactions and teamwork in a diverse working environment which can boost creativity, problem-solving, innovations and lead to excellent results.

How can you improve your corporate culture?

Corporte culture working environment

A Harvard Business Review and The Energy Project survey says an effective company culture satisfies four core needs- namely emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In order to meet your employees’ needs, here are 5 basic yet primordial tips:

Tip n°1: Communicate with your team

Acknowledge success, ask for feedback and think positive

It may seem obvious to some people, but you often don’t realize how much a “Well done” or a “Great job today!” can boost your employees’ motivation. Here at LuxTag®, managers don’t hesitate to congratulate employees if they did a good job. Also, we know we can joke around with both interns and the CEO all the same. It’s all about spreading happiness in a friendly environment.

Tip n°2: Encourage social interactions

Plan team-building activities during and after working hours

It is really important to be comfortable around your co-workers and to weave links with them. However, it is sometimes difficult to achieve during working hours. We suggest you plan punctual events and activities that will allow your employees to spend time together. At LuxTag, dinner parties with best-dressed awards, barbecues as well as movie nights are organized from time to time.

Tip n°3: Provide meaning

Make sure your employees know about the company’s mission

Your employees’ job satisfaction will increase if they see meaning and purpose in their work. So make sure to communicate a mission statement, the company’s values and how their contribution impacts the organization in a positive way. They will be more enthusiastic if they know they play a part in reaching a meaningful purpose.

Tip n°4: Create a safe and comfortable environment

Arrange a coffee space for your employees to take breaks

A coffee machine, tea, and snacks in a separate room: it’s not much but essential when your employees feel like they would need a break. It’s also a favorable time and space to foster social interactions. Also, prefer open spaces/open door offices to traditional offices: doors and walls are literally physical obstacles to communication. For example, a kitchen packed with snacks, coffee, and tea is free to use at the LuxTag open-space office. We also have a gaming room where workers can relax, read books or even nap when they need to!

Tip n°5: Develop talents

Don’t put talents in a box and help them achieve their career goals

Surely, your employees have skills but do not exploit them all. They probably keep making the same tasks every day, every week. Don’t assume they’ll be willing to do that forever and try to move them around to find a better fit. Also, talk to them to define their career goals and ensure the company can help to achieve them.

Building a unique and positive corporate culture represents valuable advantage leaders shouldn’t underestimate. Making sure of the well-being of your employees will foster them to invest their time, talent and future in the company and will ultimately make your business thrive.

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

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