As a student looking for internships, jobs or as an individual immigrating from one country to another, getting documents verified is one of the most crucial steps. Getting documents verified by an external third party agency is not only expensive but also time-consuming. 

Introducing DocuTag, our blockchain-powered solution that aims to secure the educational credentials for everyone at each stage of their education journey. Not only does the DocuTag secure your credentials, but it also makes the certificate verification process easy, quick, and efficient. Individuals can not only store and share the certificates but also control what data the verifier can view, till when they can access the link and much more.

So, now let’s see how this process works from both the student as well as the employers perspective:


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How DocuTag Helps Employers?

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How DocuTag Helps Students?

Imagine you are a fresh graduate looking for a job or an internship. You find a job advert somewhere online and apply by sending your resume and your degree certificates. Now it may take a few weeks for the employer to do the background checks for verifying that the credentials shared are valid and awarded by a recognized and certified University. It may even take months if the employer and the applicant are not in the same country. So, until you get an answer from the employer, all you do is wait. 

Now using DocuTag will reduce your waiting time from a few weeks to a mere few hours. The only change for you as the applicant will be sharing the QR code/link to your educational portfolio rather than uploading the individual certificates. All the certificates awarded to you will be stored in your DocuTag account, and you will have complete control over what data to share and how long you want it to be shared.

How DocuTag Helps Employers?

The main concern that any employer has while hiring is the genuinity of the applicants. Suppose an applicant uses fraudulent documents for any reason to get a job. Down the line, that person may even commit more significant frauds for personal gains and risk the organization’s reputation and public trust. The current process works by organizations paying third-party service providers to do these verifications and background checks on their applicants. These services take time, depending on where the applicant is located. It may take anywhere from a few days to a few months, and these services may even be expensive. 

DocuTag cuts the middle man so that the only parties involved in the entire process are the employer and the applicant. The employer scans the QR code provided by the applicant and can instantaneously get the verification done, and that too at a much lower price.

Become a Part of DocuTag’s Journey


Taking this opportunity, we would like to invite you into our discord community. By engaging with our community, you can closely follow the development of the DocuTag solution while assisting us in researching and developing new modules to improve the solution. This community will operate as a forum for discussion on pressing EdTech related matters. By engaging with the community, you will get an opportunity to interact with the students from different universities worldwide and get a chance to support, challenge and inspire one another. This community will also serve as a platform for networking, mentoring and career development.

More information about DocuTag can be found on our website.


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