Malaysian Islamic Fintech Opens The Doors for Crypto Donations — And LuxTag Helped To Make That Possible

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The holy month of Ramadan 2020 brings us new possibilities to integrate charitable actions with advanced technologies. Last week, bitcoinmalaysia announced the first automotive donation crowdfunding platform for Ramadan Zakat and Waqf payments, Global Sadaqah, which combines the kindness and generosity of the blessed month with Bitcoin’ security and reliability.

LuxTag, together with SINEGY, a digital asset exchange platform, has helped Global Sadaqah to facilitate cryptocurrency Ramadan donations on their online platform. Adam Mashrique, Chief Innovation Officer and Developer at LuxTag, assisted Global Sadaqah with secure digital asset management and integration of the BTCPay server, an open-source Bitcoin payment gateway into their existing platform.

The main goal of this cooperation is to increase awareness and to educate the community of Muslim cryptocurrency owners about the fast and easy opportunity to pay Zakat with digital assets. From now on, they can now use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning for their contributions.


We kindly suggest reading the whole press release here (online) or here (downloadable).

Our team is more than delighted to participate in such a sincere and heartful project! It is our duty to ensure the security and effectiveness of the collection and distribution of digital funds, especially during Ramadan. 

LuxTag wishes you a happy Ramadan and hopes that joy and prosperity visit your home and home of your relatives and friends! 

About Global Sadaqah

Global Sadaqah is an award-winning CSR, Zakat, and Waqf Management platform. It features a wide range of campaigns from trusted and verified partners from across the globe.  Global Sadaqah continues its impactful work in the area of Sadaqah and Zakat by leveraging its first-mover advantage as a charity crowdfunding platform engaging Islamic banks to maximize social impact. Widely regarded as a pioneer in Islamic fintech for social good, Global Sadaqag’s contribution to the society and Islamic fintech space is most valuable. 

To learn more about Global Sadaqah, visit


SINEGY is a digital asset exchange approved by the Securities Commission Malaysia and is generally considered among the top 20 fintech projects in Malaysia. Founded in June 2017, SINEGY has since launched its first trading solution and service called .alt+ which is dubbed as the concierge service for cryptocurrency traders. Combining technology and top-notch service, .alt+ is a platform for high net worth individuals to expand their portfolio into digital assets.

To explore more, check out

About LuxTag

LuxTag is an Anti-Counterfeit, Business Insights, and Customer Engagement solution provider, utilizing the blockchain platforms NEM and SYMBOL (previously known as NEM CATAPULT). Luxtag uses a combination of public, private, and hybrid chain services to run its blockchain operations. The service evolves around digitized certificates of authenticity for tangible products, linking these to brands and owners through multi-signature smart contracts and IoT (Internet of Things) elements. Additionally, LuxTag technology provides business intelligence through innovative means of enhanced customer engagement.

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