LuxTag Takes Part In AppWorks Accelerator in Taiwan

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LuxTag at AppWorks Accelerator

LuxTag® team participated in AppWorks Accelerator in Taipei, Taiwan. AppWorks is an accelerator that helps tech startups with a focus in recent years on Blockchain and AI startups. It also provides insights on how to run a startup, find investors/partners, and pitch your products efficiently. Over the years, Appworks Accelerator has become a training program that engages startups in the East and Southeast Asia region: Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia.

AppWorks Accelerator Training

The Accelerator was divided into several training sessions delivered over four months, starting on March, 8th 2019. LuxTag participated in the 18th batch and was among the 25 selected tech startups. LuxTag’s Faeez M Noor and Sheng Yeong attended the sessions and expanded LuxTag’s network. The sessions were focused on building up and developing a startup with a focus in Taiwan as well as expanding it to other Southeast Asian countries.

LuxTag at AppWorks Accelerator

Participants were also paired with mentors that were experts in their fields. However, startup representatives could also seek advice and exchange with other mentors as the accelerator was focused on helping and supporting each other to bring out the best of their business. All these sessions were aimed at preparing the participants to present during Demo Day, which took place on June 5th at Taipei Marriott Hotel.

LuxTag at AppWorks Accelerator

AppWorks Demo Day #18

LuxTag at AppWorks Accelerator

Demo Day is the finale of the AppWorks Accelerator. The three-month-long training goes down to this special day when each team pitches to showcase his/her product in front of more than 1,000 people composed of corporate representatives and media. Participants were allocated a three-minute pitch slot followed by a short Q&A session.

LuxTag at AppWorks Accelerator

For Demo Day #18, Jeff McDonald, co-founder and member of NEM Foundation, pitched LuxTag’s solution.

You can check out LuxTag’s presentation here:

For this special occasion, the rest of the LuxTag team who stayed in Malaysia planned an office viewing session to support Jeff McDonald from afar.

LuxTag at AppWorks Accelerator

In the end, Appworks Accelerator was a great learning experience that helped LuxTag to connect with other professionals while receiving knowledge of how to become a successful startup. The experienced AppWorks team has done excellent work in running the accelerator smoothly and put up an efficient and flexible program.

The past four months with Appworks Accelerator were definitely an engaging and enlightening experience. We’ve networked with an amazing group of like-minded founders across the Greater Southeast Asian region, learn more about being a better founder with experienced entrepreneurs and pitch to thousands at Demo Day. It’s definitely an honor to be part of this Accelerator.

– Faeez M Noor, Co-founder of LuxTag

Following Demo Day, interested investors and potential corporate partners reached out to us, so stay tuned for upcoming news!

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

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