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We are excited to announce that Marcus Toy has been appointed as LuxTag’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Marcus, who joined LuxTag first as VP of Sales and Operations has been an active player in the IT and blockchain scene for the past ten years, assisting many startups in growing their businesses successfully.

Prior to joining LuxTag, Marcus’ career was filled with diverse leadership roles: Founder and Managing Partner at ME Creative Studio, Founder and CIO at Raincobus Capital, Resident Expert at SP Management Development, and the Founder and CEO at Tetrium.

Rene Bernard, who has led LuxTag for the past five years and contributed massively to its success and what it has become today, shared why he decided to pass on the CEO position to Marcus:

“I am very content to have the new CEO, Marcus Toy, fill in where I have gaps. That is mainly project management and operational leadership. Marcus had been in his position as VP of Sales and Operations for more than six months already. He has proven his ability to handle day-to-day operations and execute on the strategic direction LuxTag’s board of directors set”

When asked about his plans with LuxTag and his expectations from Marcus’s new leadership, Rene shared: 

“As Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, I shall play my strengths of ecosystem building, networking, ideation and creativity, and representation in specific meetings.”

“Having learned from past lessons, LuxTag is shifting to become a strictly product-based SaaS business. Marcus has already started to execute the necessary steps towards that. I expect to see smooth operations of LuxTag. This management re-shuffle exercise shall enable the individual LuxTag management team members to focus on their respective strengths and interests even better”

As for Marcus’s plan for leading LuxTag as the new CEO, he emphasized on his people-focused approach:

“I believe that it is people that build a great company. And we have good talents in LuxTag: people who are good at what they do, and at the same time who cares a lot for the company. They are our most valuable assets. Hence, my approach to driving the company forward is to simply let these talents shine.

“Our main role as the management should be to make sure they have the necessary focus and clarity and then to give them the adequate freedom to work their magic. As long as we always try to place ourselves at the edge of our comfort zone, pushing ourselves incrementally one step at a time by making well-informed rational decisions, we will be on the right path forward.”

We are looking forward to follow Marcus’s exceptional leadership and how he will guide LuxTag through its next phase of growth and enable it to continue providing innovative and impactful solutions for our customers.


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What Our Team Members Have to Say


“ Since LuxTag is a small company, I can work closely with both my colleagues and higher-ups, which is great for my career growth! Apart from that, the Tech team at LuxTag uses the latest techniques and technologies for product development which helps me improve my industrial skills ”

Harris Fadhillah bin Mu’adzzam Shah

Full Stack Developer


“ I chose to work for LuxTag due to my passion for technology and how being a part of LuxTag’s team means that I am always at the center of innovation and upcoming technologies. I love the vision LuxTag stands for and it drives my motivation to work to create a perfect world without counterfeit products ”

Ahnaf Akif Kamal

Country Manager / Business Analyst



 “ For a person who is a technology enthusiast and eager to learn about blockchain, LuxTag would be a great road for me to explore. I love the people I work with, and the company culture that we share. Everyone contributes to a positive working environment by having fun together during the ups and shouldering the burden together during the downs”

Syahidatul Nabila Zulkarnain

Human Resource and Administrative Executive

“As a junior web developer, I liked the idea of joining a company like Luxtag where I get the chance to work on various projects using various programming languages & frameworks. In this context, they are aware of the time needed to get introduced to any new technology, and they give you all the help you need to grasp what you are learning! “


Junior Web Developer

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