Dietary Supplements That Can Kill You!

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With the spread of well-being awareness, the dietary supplement industry has been thriving in recent years and is expected to reach $USD 151.9 billion in value by the end of 2021.

Our reasons behind turning to these dietary supplements differ from one to another, whether it’s to fulfill our daily nutritional needs, for fitness, change of lifestyle, enhancing physical appearance, or improving our overall health. No matter the motive behind it, we all committed to it with a good intention in mind. 

But how sure are you that the supplements you’re taking are the real deal, and that they’re not some marketing scam production?

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What is Considered a Supplement? 

Are Supplements Regulated Similar to Pharmaceuticals? 

How Serious is Counterfeit in The Supplement Industry? 

Consequences of Consuming Fake Supplements 

BrandTag as a Solution


     What Is Considered a Supplement?


    To put it simply, nutrition or dietary supplement is any product that contains dietary ingredients such as vitamins, minerals or botanicals, proteins, probiotics, etc.

    Although they might not look or taste like it. All dietary supplements are classified as a special category of food according to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education (DSHEA) Act of 1994.


    Are Supplements Regulated Similar to Pharmaceuticals?

    It might come as a shock to you but the majority of dietary supplements that are sold in stores and online are unregulated and aren’t subject to any policies compared to pharmaceuticals.

    These said supplements can be distributed and sold in the markets without needing an FDA or any other approvals, as long as they do not contain a controlled drug or substance.

    Furthermore, the quality and safety verification of supplements is done by the manufacturers or distributors, making the spread of fake supplements bound to their ethicalness and moral code.

    What’s more baffling is that the manufacturers are not required to prove the clinical efficacy of the supplements they sell or any claims made about them.

    Indeed, it is alarming how a high-demand industry is operating in such an unstructured way!

    How Serious is Counterfeit in The Supplement Industry? 


    With the high demand for dietary supplements, the industry has become an excellent target for counterfeiters, who are riding the wave with fake products made of suspicious ingredients.

    The problem isn’t with knockoffs only, there are fraudsters out there, that are producing legalized supplement brands with unknown ingredients, in unsanitary conditions, and selling them to millions of people every day!
    Not to forget that it has also become so challenging to differentiate the fake packaging from the original one as they look identical.



    Consequences of Fake Supplements


    The consequences of fake dietary supplements can be atrocious, as most counterfeit dietary supplements don’t contain active ingredients and may contain harmful chemicals or add-ons that put your health at risk.

    The side effects of consuming these counterfeited supplements are at best unpleasant, at worst dangerous to health. They vary from: headaches, vomiting, nerve disorder, sensitivity to light…

    It is advisable to stop the consumption of supplements after getting unwanted symptoms, and to contact a healthcare professional to guide you to recovery.

    Bear in mind that buying supplements from third-party merchants (both retailers with physical stores or online ones) is always risky and that you should buy supplements only from the brands directly, preferably even lookup consumers’ reviews and how was their experience with the desired product.

    BrandTag as a Solution

    Fake supplements are not only harming consumers but brand owners as well, especially those whose reputation or authenticity is being questioned by their customers or even the potential ones. 

    BrandTag is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that provides brand owners with the easiest way to prove their products’ authenticity and engage with their customers. 

    Our Solution gives each of your products a unique ID for consumers to scan and get a wealth of information about your brand. Simultaneously, you can gain an insight into their buying intentions and behaviors, helping you in determining your brand’s next marketing direction. 

    Want to find out more about BrandTag? Check out our article: All about BrandTag 


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