5 Weird Startup Ideas That Made Millions

by | Feb 7, 2019 | All Articles, Business, Startup, Trending

5 Weird Startup Ideas That Made Millions

by | Feb 7, 2019 | All Articles, Business, Startup, Trending

Launching a startup business is challenging and takes a lot of guts to take the first step. One of the most frustrating milestones is generating that one perfect idea. You have to conduct market research, analyze your competitors, measure budget, and conduct many other crucial steps towards success. Yet, some entrepreneurs skip these steps and trust their vivid imagination. And yes, creative ideas are the fuel for startup companies, but some go way beyond creativeness and sound more bizarre than attainable.

When you hear those unbelievable ideas, the first thought that comes to your mind is “how could it work?” Surprisingly, some of them do not only work but also bring fortune to their founders. In this article, we want to share five of the most ludicrous but yet successful startups

1. The Pet Rock

The Pet Rock was a creative business concept founded by Gary Dahl and came to life in 1975. The startup’s idea was to sell stones as pets. Rocks were brought from Mexico’s Rosarito Beach and usually had plastic eyes stuck to them. Pet rocks were sold as a resemblance to real pets: the packaging was a cardboard box with holes in it, which imitated the same conditions as an alive animal would need.

As unrealistic, the idea was it happened to be successful. “The Pet Rock” founders sold 1.5 million “pets” for $4 each.

2. Doggles

The pet supplies industry is thriving and bringing millions to its stakeholders. However, not that long time ago some products customized for pets seemed more or less odd. That didn’t stop entrepreneur Roni Di Lullo from designing goggles for dogs called Doggles. At first glance, this concept may look comical, but not many know how harmful direct sunlight can be for a dog.

Roni Di Lullo knew the damage sunlight could do to fragile canines eyes and therefore her startup idea generated a significant profit. Later on, the U.S. Army began to use this invention to protect their four-legged counterparts in Iraq. ​ Doggles​ were known to protect pets’ eyes from dangerous UV rays and sandstorms.

3. Fake Wishbones

Breaking a wishbone in half is a long-lasting tradition in some Western cultures. The main idea behind this superstition is that two people have to break a wishbone in two halves. Before breaking participants have to make a wish, and the one who’s side is bigger will have their wish come true. However, there aren’t always enough wishbones, and some guest might be vegetarian or vegan. This inspired Ken Ahroni to design plastic wishbones and that’s how the startup named “​ Lucky Break Wishbone Corp​ ” came to life.

For some, fake wishbones may seem unnecessary and a waste of plastic. Yet, the idea brought millions to the founders and proved the fact that even the most unrealistic startups can reach for the stars.

4. Rent-A-Chicken

Have you ever thought about having a farm where you could grow your own food? Starting one can be harder than you think, and that’s why Rent-A-Chicken founders came up with the idea of renting a full-equipped coop with grown chickens. The business’ concept is about easing urban farming and producing organic food in your backyard.

You might think it’s a bizarre idea; however, it encourages people to raise hens and to experience farming. As a possible customer, you only need a backyard to fit a coop and enthusiasm for agriculture. That does not only benefit the creative founders but also contributes to a sustainable lifestyle and environment.

5. Twitter

It would be impossible to find someone who doesn’t use or know Twitter. This social network is widely used globally and has more than 300 million active users. Nonetheless, back when founders Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams came up with the Twitter idea, it wasn’t promising at all. Not that many people believed that this new social network could succeed in the face of such competitors like Facebook and Youtube. Not to mention, at that time it only allowed posting short 140 characters messages without any images.

However, the founders didn’t give up, as a result, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world to this day.

Some of the most excellent ideas can be overshadowed by the way they seem odd and unattainable. However, even the most comical business concepts can sometimes become successful enterprises. Thus, if you have an idea which at first sounds beyond the imagination, it doesn’t mean it’s not impossible. Believe in your dreams, and one day they will bring earned affluence. Because at the end the only thing that matters is how precious the concept is to you.

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