LuxTag SUN

Protect your products against counterfeiting while gaining valuable business intelligence with LuxTag SUN (Secure Unique NFC) Authentication Service.

LuxTag-SUN is a highly available, secure, and scalable SaaS platform designed to verify the authenticity of NTAG 424 DNA NFC tags. This NFC chip is a new revamped cost-effective and clone-resistant chip used for various retail and ticketing applications.

How LuxTag SUN Works

Each NFC tag is given a unique identifier
and AES key

A one-time URL is sent to your phone after scanning and proceeds to authentication server

Cryptographic signature in the URL is checked by the server and the result is returned instantly




Unique URL cannot be replicated and is changed at every tap.


NFC enabled phone can verify tags without downloading a mobile app.


Cloud architecture designed for billions of item-level serialised FMCG.


Analyse real-time data tag interactions using Papyrus.


Create compelling and instant deployable marketing campaigns.

Introduction to Auto 424

  • High-speed bulk encoding of NTAG DNA tags.
  • Each machine is capable of personalising 5000 tags/hour.
  • Multi-machine setup and batch management.
  • Human operator or reel-to-reel machine automation.
  • Secure key generation and insertion, resistant to side-channel attacks.
  • REST HTTP and MQTT control interface for industrial IoT.

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