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With DocuTag, you can issue, manage and secure thousands of certificates in a matter of seconds while cutting down on administrative costs.

Credential Fraud Cases Happening Around the Globe

Quebec woman accused of pretending to be a nurse for 20 years charged with fake documents (a fake CV, fake CEGEP diploma, a fake nursing licence)

-CBC News

Education in 2022:

How Digital Credentials Can Bridge the Gap Between Education and Employment

DocuTag for Universities: An Introduction

DocuTag secure student credentials and makes the certificate verification process easy, quick, and efficient. Individuals can not only store and share the certificates but also control what data the verifier can view, till when they can access the link and much more.

Blockchain Credentials

Imagine not having to worry about losing your academic records, graduation certificates while employers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the degree presented to them. This and much more is possible with the introduction of Verifiable Digital Credentials.


“Thousands of people are employed in safety critical jobs while holding bogus qualifications,”

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What is DocuTag?

Certificates are one of the most valuable assets to possess, Thus why they need to be stored safely and be instantly available when needed.  DocuTag ensures that official documents are recorded and managed in a secure, tamper-proof, and transparent manner. 

DocuTag is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that optimizes the lengthy process of issuing and verifying official documents, giving stakeholders access to trusted and genuine information instantly, anywhere, at any time.

Powerful & Simple

Without DocuTag

We have interviewed nineteen organization and here’s what they are experiencing:

  • Repetitive manual work routine to issue certificates
  • Unproductive, waste of time and effort in managing documents
  • Lenghty verification processes
  • Risk of error and misinterpretation
  • Possibility of fraud and data forgery
  • Reputational risk from fake certificates/documents 


With DocuTag

Understanding the needs for a better solution, LuxTag developed DocuTag to empower all type of organizations:

  • A better approach to issue and manage official documents/ certificates 
  • Quick and easy automated verification process
  • Ensure security with no third party involved
  • Data Insights into verification events
  • Boost of credibility and reputation of the organization
  • Official documents are protected from being faked, tampered, or edited


    Why DocuTag?

    Issue Tamper-Proof Certificates

    By securing your official documents on the blockchain, you prevent fraud cases and assure your partners (Universities, employers etc.) of the genuineness of the information on the certificates.

    Improve Efficiency With Automation

    DocuTag will help you in cutting the time dedicated to credential management, third-parties background check inquires and repetitive manual work by completely automating the process.

    Save Resources With Digital Certificates

    Shifting to digital credentials allows you to go paperless, can help you save time and money on the issuing and shipping of academic certificates.

    Boost Engagement

    Digital credentials give organizations a way to recognize micro-learning and any extra-curriculum activities in an effective format.

    Learn From Analytics & Promote Your Brand

    Every time a student or alumnus shares a digital certificate,it’s a meaningful brand impression for your organization. Moreover, with our analytics module, you can view & analyze data and make well-informed decisions on how to improve your business. 

    How it Works

    The verification process is made simple and transparent in four easy steps!


    Organizations will upload raw certificates/ document data to the DocuTag platform.


    Organizations will store a register of certificates on the blockchain represented by a unique QR code.


    The authentication QR code can be stamped directly to the user’s certificate


     The certificate is ready to be verified by a simple scan from a web/mobile camera.

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