LuxTag Works With Universities To Help To Educate Youth

by | Apr 23, 2019 | All Articles, Blockchain, Education, Startup

LuxTag Works With Universities To Help To Educate Youth

by | Apr 23, 2019 | All Articles, Blockchain, Education, Startup

Over the past few months, LuxTag® has been constantly exchanging with educational institutions to raise awareness about blockchain technology, give practical insights to students as well as accompany them throughout their skill development. No need to point out the key role young generations will play in the future and how important it is to educate them about the world we live in. With these thoughts in mind, LuxTag plays its part in empowering young generations by passing down its knowledge of the IT industry.

To do so, the startup takes part in the PRIDE initiative (Platform for Real Industry Driven Project Exchange) created by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), an organization whose aim is to give insights to the Malaysian Government on the ICT sector. LuxTag has been working on the PRIDE initiative by collaborating with private and public universities –  gathered under the name ‘Digital Premier Tech Universities’. But LuxTag doesn’t stop at these universities but seek cooperation and exchange with other universities as well.

The company has been undertaking actions for educational institutions such as giving talks and industry insights to students, taking part in a panel of experts in charge of reviewing syllabus content in order to improve it and sponsoring young talents and support them in their educational journey.

‘Through PRIDE, LuxTag has the opportunity to participate in Industry-Academia collaboration. We hope it brings value to both parties. Academia has better insights on the industry needs when it comes to hiring while the industry has access to capable talents from the universities, ready to be hired immediately upon graduation.’ – Elmi Haryadi, Business Development Director

Here are some examples of LuxTag’s initiatives that happened over the past few months:

  • LuxTag presents its solutions at CyVit, VIT Bhopal University, India

On April 5th, CEO Rene Bernard had the opportunity to present LuxTag and talk about digital security for physical assets using blockchain technology at CyVit, VIT Bhopal University, India. Since it was not possible for LuxTag’s CEO to travel all the way to India, the 30 min long presentation was organized via video call.

The webinar was part of an event called Cyber Security Conclave 2019 organized by VIT Bhopal University. The event gathered experts from IBM, Deloitte, and Lucideus to cite only a few. Webinars were performed by specialists from PayPal, Walmart, and Bank of Amerian-US among others. Thus, insights on cyber attack safety were delivered to a large audience that was composed of students, experts as well as academicians from different fields.

Rene Bernard focused his presentation on answering the question: ‘Is the hype around Blockchain justified?’ and raising awareness about the challenges of this technology. The contribution was then followed by a Q&A session where the audience was able to ask diverse questions to LuxTag’s CEO.

  • Students from Asia School of Business visit LuxTag’s office

On 15th of January CEO Rene Bernard visited Asia School of Business to present LuxTag and its solution. During his visit, he met several students and invited them to voice their questions about LuxTag and their ideas about the usage of blockchain to create a real exchange of ideas.

Students from Asia School of Business visiting LuxTag's office

Following this event, two students from Asia School of Business, Azra Becirovic and Gustavo Lasinkas, visited LuxTag’s office on February 19th to have a one-on-two conversation with Rene Bernard about various topics. During their visit, they also got to meet LuxTag’s employees and talk with them to learn more about how it is like to work in the IT industry and about the startup environment.

  • LuxTag welcomes REGTECH students for a session about the technology behind blockchain

On 5 April 2019, LuxTag hosted a group of 10 University of Malaya (UM) students from REGTECH. REGTECH is a multidisciplinary research center on regulatory technology located at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya.

REGTECH Students at LuxTag office

REGTECH is a joint-venture research project between the University of Malaya, Quanta RegTech Capital (QRC) and Infinity Blockchain Holdings (IBH). The UM RegTech Project aims to be the global leading RegTech research hub by conducting research, education and outreach programs related to RegTech, particularly on blockchain technologies. During the visit, Jonathan Tey, one of Luxtag’s tech team members, shared some insights on the basic principles behind blockchain technology along with an introduction to core features of LuxTag products.

LuxTag believes it’s essential to back business theories delivered by universities with practical experience so that students have the right tools when entering the competitive working market. Throughout its contributions, the company hopes to give real-life situations and useful use-cases for the students to be equipped with the IT industry’s future needs.

LuxTag also contributes to securing the educational sector through the services it offers, and especially through E-scroll ™, a blockchain-based application for anti-counterfeiting and proof of ownership of diplomas and certificates. Stay tuned for exciting news about E-scroll!

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

™ “e-Scroll”, Trademark of LuxTag.

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