LuxTag takes part in Accelerate with Amazon Web Services event

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Two of LuxTag developers, Jonathan Tey, and Wildan Zulfikar, attended “Accelerate with AWS” (Amazon Web Services) in Kuala Lumpur on the 30th of January. The event had the purpose of giving a deeper understanding of AWS while answering specific questions and giving personal assistance.

But what exactly is AWS?

AWS is a pioneering and cloud computing platform developed in 2002 and aims at becoming a set of products and services. While originally AWS was just used within Amazon, in 2006 the platform was publicly launched and it has since then developed and partnered with enterprises such as Netflix. With over 1000 new services introduced on AWS only last year, it is pretty safe to say AWS can be a powerful and useful tool.

What was the event about? 

This session was an opportunity to connect with AWS integration specialists in Malaysia and explore AWS services and infrastructure. During the event, our team was able to understand how Amazon handles the regulatory compliance for privacy laws (aka PDPA) enforced in Malaysia. They also acquired more knowledge on core AWS services, such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

The personalized event (only 20 people were allowed) saw AWS specialists and tech enthusiasts discuss opportunities to think strategically and long-term around an essential IT strategy.

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