How technologies and creativity cooperate to bring the best outcome?

by | Feb 21, 2019 | All Articles, Blockchain, Business, Startup, Technology

How technologies and creativity cooperate to bring the best outcome?

by | Feb 21, 2019 | All Articles, Blockchain, Business, Startup, Technology

Creativity always has been a mysterious term that every artist was seeking to attain and make it work. Now, the word creativity shines brightly in many job ads, articles, and public discussions. It’s not a magical term used by artists to awake their muse anymore; the creative process is ushering almost all spheres in people’s lives, especially, work. Currently, to stand out and launch a business, project or any concept, you have to be utterly creative and catch those muses daily.

technologies and creativity

This is where technology comes handy to help ordinary people to create ideas more prominent than the most celebrated artists have ever produced. The digital world we live in opens many doors and allows to enable the creative process. Combining technology, creativity, and innovation has more than many benefits. However, technologies can harm to our creative ideas. To avoid that, you have to thoroughly focus and learn how to use the digitization process to benefit your work instead of jeopardizing it.

In this article, we want to highlight the main advantages of technology affecting creativity, its harms, and how to make technologies to submit you.

How Can Technologies Accelerate One’s Creative Thinking?

We can’t imagine our lives without checking online news, updating a social media status, finding all kinds of information within a few seconds. Moreover, more advanced technologies park our cars, start your favorite music every time you open shower curtains, and allow us to store unlimited data. Again, many skeptics say that this digital invasion is more toxic than helpful and the excessive use of it can cause mental and physical issues. When the discussion turns to creativity, the same people argue if technologies harm our vivid mind or encourage it.

It’s hard to argue with these statements, as they can be an absolute truth if a user doesn’t know how to implement technologies correctly. Yet, if a person acknowledges the significant advantage of technologies, it can create ideal conditions for creativity.

Technological innovations expand the way we understand the world and our possibilities

Not a long time ago people were fighting over the internet and how this unbelievable invention couldn’t work. Now it seems silly to even doubt the power of the internet, and when an innovation crosses our lives, we take it more seriously. People are more aware of technological advancement and its impact on daily life. Our creativity is not limited as it used to be, we know how far humanity can go, thereby our ideas and creations.

Empowering technology saves time which could be used for creative process

Discussions about new technologies break into two parts: one part is positive and supports every new invention, while on the other hand, a second part is skeptical and finds many threats of digitization. This argument flares up when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is brought up. Many say that the controversial technology is here to replace us and take over people’s jobs. However, society is on the new step which could be called a creative generation.

As automated machines are taking over the work that requires physical and mechanical labor, people can concentrate more on jobs that are more advanced and need creativity. By empowering technology, we create a better microclimate to develop and innovate.

For example, imagine if you are a designer and you have to create a design for your company’s website. What if you didn’t have the internet and in case you forgot some code or a color number, you would have to search through the pile of books. That would waste not only valuable time but also disturb the vital process. As for now, we can have all the information in the world in a few small devices. These devices take care of all unnecessary tasks and free us to concentrate on what matters the most – our ideas and creativity.

Information opens a door for the creative process and helps to finish it

You might say that with the lack of information one is pushed to find new ways to deal with a particular matter. Yes, but at the same time, it’s misleading, because information opens a door for creativity and helps to finalize your ideas. Greg Satell, the contributor to Forbes, says that many most magnificent world’s artists and creators would achieve way more if they were living in the technology era. For example, Charles Darwin’s theory was incomplete for more than a century, because he lacked the necessary information to finish it.

Nowadays, we live in a world of shared data which is accessible 24/7. Therefore, if you are working on a project and reach the dead end, you can easily search for ideas on the internet.

High competition encourages people to create

Creativity at work is closely related to higher competition. Competition increases when people have ample storage of data that everyone can access. Moreover, it’s easier for employers to find compelling talents. When a team is competent, it encourages members to pull up and work hard.

Another thought, when it seems that all most genius tools and techniques are already invented, we have to find new ways to generate greater success. The eager to win and do better moves us and inspires us to be creative.

Yet, Technologies Can Be Harmful

As much as technological novelty can enhance our creative genes, it also can kill them. The line between helpful and toxic is thin, especially, when the internet and social media, in particular, have so many things to show. The biggest threat of technologies is time wasting.

Creative process requires a complete focus, but if during it you get tempted to check your social media, play video games or chat with a colleague, your concentration is disturbed. On average, it takes 25 minutes to come back to work after an interruption. That means that even if you glanced at your phone’s screen to check a new message, you already lost valuable time. Worse is when we use technologies excessively and, as a result, start procrastinating. Procrastination is a venomous killer of our creativity and work in general. Thus by controlling the time spent using technologies we can empower the new digital process and improve creativity.

Science news doesn’t stop impressing society and breaking concepts we’ve thought were unbreakable. Now we have innovations like blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and many more. With the technological advancement that we have now and its rapid growth, it’s impossible to be sceptical about innovations. They help in many different spheres and most important clear the path for people to create and innovate more. If we learn how to use technologies in the right way, we as a human race can go further than we’ve ever been.

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