Brandtag – Authenticity, Confidence, Engagement

by | Aug 28, 2020 | All Articles, Blockchain, Tech Talks, Technology, Track & Trace

Brandtag – Authenticity, Confidence, Engagement

by | Aug 28, 2020 | All Articles, Blockchain, Tech Talks, Technology, Track & Trace

“Having an app that would protect your products and at the same time engage with your customers is like killing two birds with one stone, truly a need!” – Rene F. Bernard 

With Luxtag’s newest application “BrandTag”, protecting your brand and engaging with your customers has never been easier.


BrandTag is a self-onboarding SaaS (software as a service) solution that enables businesses from all sizes to authenticate their products for consumers. Each product would be given a unique ID for consumers to scan and verify authenticity. It doesn’t end there! While customers are happily engaging with the app, you are gaining knowledge on what could be done to take your company to the next level. It’s time to level up!

How does BrandTag help you as a brand owner and your customers exactly?


1. Amplify voices

Your voice and your consumer’s voices will be sent through. Understanding what your consumers want will be easier. Any complaints, feedback, and testimonies are possible to receive with BrandTag.

2. Build bridges

We help to connect you to your consumers. Direct, with no interruptions. Unless it’s your internet connection.

3. Crystal clear

Product transparency would allow you to capture consumers’ hearts. And the direct and simple writing in the app would not leave you feeling clueless at the end, Mr. Google isn’t needed for you to understand how it works!  

3. Discover strategies (Big Data) 

Data collection will help you to come up with a strategic business plan and marketing content. You can know who your buyers are, their gender, what phone, and where they’re from. Just like buddies!

4. Eradicate worries 

Worries no more, not for you nor your customers. Authentication at its best. Fake products begone! 



We heard you.

“I’m losing my loyal customers”

“My customers keep accidentally buying fakes”

“Consumers don’t trust my brand anymore”

“I don’t know how to engage with my customers”

Unlike most apps that provide authentication, BrandTag offers more.
Not only do we use blockchain technology to add extra security to the system while maintaining the utmost flexibility, but we also achieve tremendous scalability through using the latest Blockchain technology “Symbol from NEM”. Technology can be hefty and hard to understand. To understand more about how blockchain technology works, read our article “Track & Trace System and the Blockchain Technology: Main Challenges and Benefits”.

We admit,
Authentication is crucial, it could make or break your product. Consumers need to be assured that your products are the “real deal” and not some low-quality product they can get on the streets.

But brand owners need more than just authentication to retain a customer. It may help convince them to buy, but not to repeat. Brands need to engage, build a connection, and even better, SWAY! BrandTag can help you with that! Our features make the process for you, as a brand owner swift.

Our engagement features are:

1. Consumer Engagement
Marketing, upselling, warranty, and various engagement modules for brand owners to capture consumers’ hearts.

2. Business Intelligence
Brand owners can collect and view consumers’ data using the BrandTag analytics module to make a strategic business decision. No more sharing survey forms and trying to get feedback from customers.

Self-onboarding features:

1. Self product registration
Brand owners have full control over product SKU registration and management. Easy to keep track of everything that’s going on.

2. Self code activation
You can choose which product SKUs to activate which enables the QR Codes to go LIVE.

Security Features:

1. Tamper Proof Database
With fortified Symbol Blockchain technology, the product info is impossible to be hacked. Security all the way!

2. Unique Code For Every Product Unit
Each product unit is assigned to a unique code, thus making counterfeiting impossible to scale. Think of it as every product has its own ID card. Each of your products is special.

BrandTag will be launching very soon! To get notified about BrandTag product launches, sign up to LuxTag email newsletter here!

Or contact us at to know more.

LuxTag team in the midst of building a killer app – BrandTag.



Let your product do the work for you.

Combating counterfeiters is exhausting, we get it. That’s why we developed BrandTag. With BrandTag, your products will promote their authenticity and protect themselves from being counterfeited, with just a scan!

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