5 Unusual Places Where You Can Pay With Cryptocurrency

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Blockchain, Business, Technology, Trending

5 Unusual Places Where You Can Pay With Cryptocurrency

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Blockchain, Business, Technology, Trending

The concept of cryptocurrency came to life more than a decade ago, when Bitcoin was developed. In general terms, cryptocurrency is additional to the fiat currency (USD, EUR, MYR), and it is based on decentralized ledger Blockchain. No bank or government controls virtual coins, and transactions are encrypted to secure the process. Bitcoin was the first to cross the cryptocurrency landscape, and as for this day, it is still the most expensive and popular one. On February 2019, one Bitcoin coin was worth USD 3,403.86.

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No matter how rapidly the cryptocurrency market is changing, more and more brands incorporate it to their business. If you are following cryptocurrency news, you are aware of many multi-billion companies which are investing in virtual coins. Yet, not many people know unusual places and brands that allow buyers to purchase goods or services by using cryptocurrency. In this article, we want to introduce five odd spots where you can easily use your crypto.

  1. Funeral home in Minnesota

Saying goodbye to the ones that passed away it’s not only unbearable but also expensive. However, if you have some Bitcoins saved and don’t want to exchange it to fiat, Crescent Tide Cremation Services will be glad to take it. They do not only accept Bitcoin as a payment, but also apply a discount for their modern customers. The idea of an additional payment came up after the crypto boom in 2017. The Bitcoin payment is still an option, and as funeral home owners state, it does bring not only profit but also embrace new ways of managing a business.

  1. Plastic surgery clinic in California

California is famous for many things, but everyone would agree that the technology sector and plastic surgery are the two focal points. As the hot air gives the inspiration to innovate, it also makes people want to look perfect. It didn’t take long for a plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Domanskis to combine these two and open a successful plastic surgery clinic which accepts Bitcoin as payment. When blockchain startups are growing with the blink of an eye in California, it is highly profitable to adapt your business accordingly.

  1. Church of St. John the Evangelist in New York

It’s the end of a church service, a donation box is going around, but suddenly you remember that you left your coins and bills at home. As a devoted believer, you can’t skip the box in front of the whole parish. Church of St. John the Evangelist thought this through and set a feature where parishioners can donate money in the form of Bitcoin. Father Rosado, the servant to the community, encourages this payment alternative with the hope in the future of cryptocurrency. Of course, the modern donation process is more perplexing than putting money in a box, but it gives broader options for cryptocurrency holders.

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  1.  airBaltic airlines

Many companies in Eastern Europe are using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With that in mind, it’s not a surprise that Latvian airlines airBaltic was the first airlines in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment. Passengers can purchase flight tickets to more than 60 destinations around Europe, Middle East, Russia, and the CIS. Since the establishment of the company, airBaltic was famous for innovations and digital implementation. Thus, accepting crypto is no news for airBaltic customers.

  1. Bitcoin Coffee in the Czech Republic

Finding a more hipster place than Bitcoin Coffee would be hard. The name speaks for itself – Bitcoin Coffee accepts only digital currency including Bitcoin and Litecoin. With such a controversial payment method, coffee also has to keep up. Therefore, baristas serve different types of coffee from Africa, South America, and Asia. You can savor exotic aromas and flavors and at the same time use your precious crypto.

Cryptocurrency is transforming the traditional finance industry and thereby opens broader horizons for businesses. When more and more brands are incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrencies to their business, it demolishes existing stigma around it. Therefore, it becomes easier to approach a new ecosystem of cryptocurrency and accelerate the transformation to a more transparent and secure business.

At LuxTag®, Malaysia blockchain startup, we celebrate all encouraging blockchain projects. Therefore, if you know more unusual places where you can pay in crypto, please let us know in the comment section below.

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