Bulk Generate & Secure 1,000 of Certificates in 1 minute 


Issue and manage official documents/ certificates 

Quick and easy automated verification process via QR Code

Boost of credibility and reputation of the organisation

Ensure security with no third party involved

Most Asked Questions!

What is DocuTag Lite?

DocuTag Lite is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that optimises the lengthy process of issuing and verifying official documents.

With DocuTag Lite,  you can issue and digitise your certificates in a matter of seconds while cutting administrative costs.

Why DocuTag Lite?
  • It allows you to Issue Certificates easily. 
  •  Your Certificates can be verified with a simple QR code scan. No special app is needed.
  • It Reduces up to 70% of your certification costs and saves up to 90% of employees’ Time.
  • It Improves the efficiency & effectiveness of your operations and productivity.
How to Use DocuTag Lite?
  1. Upload it: Upload raw certificates/ document data to the DocuTag platform.
  2. Issue It: Store a register of certificates with a unique QR code.
  3. Stamp It: The authentication QR code can be stamped directly to the user’s certificate.
  4. Scan It The certificate is ready to be verified by a simple web/mobile camera scan.

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