Bulk Generate  1,000 of Certificates

with multiple Canva designs in 1 minute 


Issue and manage official documents/ certificates 

Quick and easy automated verification process via QR Code

Boost of credibility and reputation of the organisation

Ensure security with no third party involved

Pick a plan that works for you!

*no credit card needed*

Most Asked Questions!

What is DocuTag Lite- Canva extension?

Docutag Lite-Canva extension is the perfect tool to bulk-create Certificates with beautiful designs from canva.com. It’s simple, easy to use, and saves you time and money.

How to Use it?

After installing this extension, You can create a generic design on canva.com, then mark the content variables you want to replace using #1#, #2#, #3#. Prepare your data source CSV with the content that will replace the variable you have marked. It will automatically create and download them one by one.

Protect your Documents,

Protect your Business!

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