Luxtag Attended Malaysian “National Technology & Innovation Sandbox”

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Blockchain, Business, Events, Tech Talks, Technology, Track & Trace

Rene Bernard, Co-Founder of LuxTag attended the invite-only launch event of the Malaysian “National Technology & Innovation Sandbox” (NTIS), an initiative by MOSTI (Ministery of Science and Technology), supported by MaGIC, MIMOS, Technology Park Malaysia, Futurise and MTDC. It is set up with the aim to accelerate the adoption and implementation of Malaysian innovative high-tech solutions. The sandbox allows us to launch innovative solutions in a real environment within safe boundaries – significantly easing regulatory red-tape hurdles.

There were mentions the significance of the NTIS for the Drone industry, AI, 5G, 3D-Printing, Robotics in healthcare, and agriculture.

Further, it was announced that the Malaysian government will finalise their “Blockchain in Government” Framework by Nov 2020. According to Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, it will consist of three focus sectors:

  1. Halal traceability in cooperation with JAKIM (the Department of Islamic Development)
  2. Royal Customs of Malaysia
  3. Covid19 Vaccination Traceability

MOSTI introduces three new measures to improve Malaysia’s competitiveness on the technological world stage.

  1. API Economy
    • eKYC, ID, Gov. & Non-Gov seamless
    • API Gateway
  2. Malaysia Open Science Platform (“MOSP”) Framework
    • Real-Time Raw data for collaborative principle, accessible for everybody.
    • Businesses will be able to create personalised solutions, tapping into a vast, free data pool.
    • Ready by 2022
  3. NTIS
    • Test product&services in a live yet safe environment

For some technological advancements, we might need regulatory & law changes. Laws are made by men and can change. YB Khairy Jamaluddin brought up the example of necessary regulatory amendments with the Road Department to support self-driving cars.

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