LuxTag and NEM Malaysia presented at a “Blockchain training” for students of University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Blockchain, Events

Rene Bernard, Luxtag’s Co-founder gave a talk at a 5-day “Blockchain Training” for UTM students on the 21 September 2020 at The Launchpad, Cyberjaya today. 

A group of students consisting of  25 people varying from engineering courses to computer science was involved in this training program organised by Tan Aik Keong from Agmo Studios. This programme aimed at giving awareness regarding blockchain and insights concerning the use of blockchain in businesses to the students.

The 1-hour slot was allocated for Ms Ivy Fung and Mr Rene to share their experiences and understanding of blockchain to the students. The first 30 minutes was led by Ms Ivy. She filled her talk with issues regarding NEM, what it is, and briefly about blockchain. Then a short Q&A was held between her and the students.

In the second half, Mr Rene explained the history of Luxtag and how it uses NEM & Symbol blockchain technology, giving a clearer explanation on the use of blockchain. Luxtag’s newest application “BrandTag” launching this October was also introduced to showcase the value of blockchain and how it differs from other solutions. The talk concluded with a photo and  Q&A session where the audience was given opportunities to ask Ivy & Rene further questions. 

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