LuxTag and Chronoswiss Crypto-Watches: How Does It Work?

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Business, Jewelry, Luxury, Startup, Technology

LuxTag and Chronoswiss Crypto-Watches: How Does It Work?

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Business, Jewelry, Luxury, Startup, Technology

On the 16th of November, Chronoswiss released a video presenting a new blockchain watch edition. The video introduces the main features of the LuxTag’s® web app and how to use it to claim Chronoswiss watches. You can watch the video here.


Digital tagging solution provider LuxTag in collaboration with Swiss watch manufacturer Chronoswiss released an online shop for the first watches registered on a blockchain. The edition is limited to five different designs representing NEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, and COMSA; each series composed of 101 exclusive pieces with authorized certificates on the blockchain.

LuxTag powered by the NEM Blockchain developed a web app customized for Chronoswiss crypto watches. The web app was designed based on successful previous projects and personalized for Chronoswiss customers. The LuxTag app has a coherent system which allows the adaptation of different features and the efficient management of assets on the blockchain, additionally, it can be implemented by various industries. The app is available for iOS and Android users you can download it for free on the App Store and Google Play. LuxTag and Chronoswiss also designed a web application to provide the best customer experience.

Both web and mobile apps were developed based on the same concept which makes it your right as a user to choose which one you prefer more.

Do you own or consider buying a Chronoswiss Crypto-Watch?

Here’s how to claim it on the blockchain:

  1. To begin with, sign up on the system, when the registration is finished you gain access to the main dashboard where you can claim your first crypto watch.
  2. The claiming process is simple as you only need to scan a QR code on the card.
  3. Congratulations! You officially recorded ownership of your new watch on the NEM blockchain.
 Unboxing the Crypto-Watch

What can you do now?

  1. Check all the data about the watch;
  2. Discover the history of the watch;
  3. Record new information contributing to the provenance tracking;
  4. Transfer ownership to second-hand buyers.

In the case of transferring the watch, all the data will be transferred accordingly. Furthermore, the platform will show the new owner and all related information.

About Chronoswiss

Chronoswiss was founded in 1983, in the midst of the quartz crisis when only visionaries continued to believe in the mechanical watch. Entrepreneurial spirit and congenial inventions such as the sapphire glass back encasing the movement, unmistakable design and the first series production of the regulator complication as a wristwatch made Chronoswiss unique and very successful. The brand contributed significantly to the revival of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Today, Chronoswiss is concentrating on its roots by reinventing its most successful model, the Regulator, to the modern standards of the 21st century. Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, the independent family-run brand manufactures only a few thousand watches per year according to strict Swiss Made quality standards. The exclusive mechanical timepieces are exported to over 26 countries and can be purchased in more than 150 selected watch retailers across the world.

About LuxTag

LuxTag is an anti-counterfeit and anti-theft solution provider, utilizing the state of the art blockchain platform called NEM. The blockchain-powered service issues digitized certificates of authenticity for tangible products and links these to brands and owners through multi-signature contracts. The LuxTag technology provides additional business intelligence through innovative means of enhanced customer engagement. As of today, the catered industries include Art, Fashion and Apparel, Jewelry, Luxury, and Documents.

®“LuxTag”, Trademark registered.

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